Trumpet lesson teacher develops most successful system to play high notes in history

Trumpet players have always found getting those high notes to be the most difficult and sometimes impossible endeavor to accomplish until now.


PRLogAug. 21, 2014GLENDALE, Ariz.Kurt Thompson, international trumpet lesson teacher, has developed an incredible system for improving once impossible high notes for most trumpet players. His Course: 16 week brass upper register course began being tested on various trumpet students of all levels during the summer of 2008. At that time, the course included only 50 unique high note building techniques. There is a need for a high note course like this because playing notes above high c and beyond have been an impossible task for most trumpet players regardless of level or experience. Also, all prior high note methods provided only inconsistent and marginal results to the aspiring trumpet student.

Says Kurt Thompson: “As a developing trumpet player in high school and college, I found it very, very frustrating that no trumpet teacher could effectively help me get better at increasing my high range on trumpet. As a kid, I didn’t realize it at the time, but these professional trumpet teachers, themselves, had not achieved an impressive upper register on trumpet so logically, how could they show me the path to high note success?”

Kurt continues: “Thus began my long journey of trial and error and experimentation with existing high note trumpet methods like Claude Gordon’s “Systematic Approach To Daily Practice” and Louis Maggio’s “System For Brass”. Between experimenting and improving these existing trumpet methods plus inventing and discovering my own trumpet techniques, I slowly, but surely began to expand my high range in an impressive way as exemplified in my performance of Maynard Ferguson’s trumpet solo, Gabriel.”

Please see the live recording of then college student, Kurt Thompson, performing Maynard Ferguson’s trumpet solo at youtube:

Fast forward to present time: Kurt Thompson’s 16 week brass upper register course currently contains 75 unique high note building techniques. Watch Kurt demonstrate the most difficult high note techniqueout of the 75 that are in his 16 week course. Skeptics may wonder what makes this trumpet embouchure method different from any other course. The answer is two reasons:

1) Momentum

2) Macroscopic or “shot gun” approach

According to Kurt, when you take 75 techniques that impact a trumpeter’s embouchure from multiple angles and directions and then infuse these techniques with momentum, the results are magnificent and almost beyond belief.

Kurt has taught this amazing trumpet course to hundreds of trumpet players. Many have been so ecstatic at the results of his course that they left video reviews talking and demonstrating their high note success:

While testing this trumpet course years ago, he began trying it out on other brass players. Trombone, Euphonium, French Horn, and Baritone players began to experience the same impressive results in gaining high notes as did trumpet players.

Recently, 2 high profile trumpet players, Bill Ortiz of the Carlos Santana Band and Dave C. Norman, famed L.A. freelance trumpet player, participated in Kurt’s upper register course giving the course rave reviews in both written as well as video format. Please click on Bill Ortiz to watch his comments and you may also click on video reviews to watch Dave C. Norman’s comments.

Please click on any of the above links for more information on Kurt Thompson’s amazing Trumpet Lessons and how they can sky rocket your high notes.

Kurt Thompson


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